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Your new AI-powered coding assistant that can write you code, answer your questions, and level up your productivity. Available for free today in our VS Code extension.

Codeium Chat can generate whole functions and applications for you. It's easy, fast, and free.

An AI Assistant for All Workflows

Software Engineer

Generate boilerplate for a gRPC service in Go

Full Stack Engineer

Make this component strongly-typed and use hooks for state management

Backend Engineer

Write me a unit test for when a request has empty required fields


Explain multi-threading and how it's used here in this Go snippet

Software Engineer

Add docstrings for all public methods in this class

Game Developer

Write a function to get the distance between character and checkpoint

AI suggested.

Human accepted.

We're confident in our AI-generated code, but you are still in the drivers seat. Codeium offers an intuitive way to accept, reject, or modify what our models generate.

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you can't find what you're looking for, please join our Discord and someone from our team will get back to you.

    • How does Codeium Chat work?

      Codeium Chat seamlessly integrates the powers of open-ended conversation with IDE context. Besides allowing familiar interactions like those with ChatGPT, users can use smart suggestions to perform common actions such as adding documentation to functions or refactoring code. Under the hood, unlike Autocomplete and Search where we use our own models, Codeium Chat currently uses Open AI APIs to perform inferences. We are currently developing our own models for this modality, but for now, Chat will only be available for users that have code snippet telemetry enabled since we cannot guarantee how OpenAI stores and uses telemetry data.

    • How do you plan to monetize?

      Fair question whenever anything is billed as free forever, especially when there are clear infrastructure serving costs as we do! We wrote an entire blog post addressing this!

      The gist is that we monetize with our enterprise offering, which provides additional features and capabilities that do not make much sense at the individual level, such as self-hosting (too costly for an individual), fine-tuning on codebases, and team analytics. If you think your organization would benefit from AI-powered features, please contact us!

    • Who should use this?

      Codeium does not replace a software engineer, and the developer is still in charge and responsible for any code generated. Codeium does not test the code automatically, so a developer should carefully test and review all code generated by Codeium. So while anyone can use Codeium, we recommend it especially for people who already have fundamental knowledge of software engineering and coding. It's never great to be dependent on anything, even superpowers.

    • What IDEs and Languages have Chat?

      Codeium Chat is currently only on VSCode, but we will be rapidly supporting more IDEs in the near future. Codeium Chat will work on any language, but the CodeLens suggestions above functions are available for all common languages, including Python, JavaScript, TypeScript, Java, Go, PHP, and more.

    • How can you provide Codeium Chat for free?

      To be clear, Codeium Chat does cost us money since we are using third party APIs to bootstrap, but we believe we can control costs in the long term by incorporating our own models and state-of-the-art model serving infrastructure (same reason why we can provide Autocomplete for free). We are committed to always providing a Chat functionality for free. We may decide if load becomes an issue to have a Pro tier to guarantee lower latency and higher quality of service, but we will always strive to create the best possible free Chat product under our serving cost constraints. This will not affect anything about our free Autocomplete offering.

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