Codeium in Eclipse

Install the Codeium extension in Eclipse, and start seeing suggestions as you write comments and code.

Extension Installation


Drag the Install button

Navigate to the Codeium plugin page in the Eclipse Marketplace and drag the install button to the toolbar in your Eclipse IDE.
Drag the install button on the Eclipse Marketplace


Confirm Selected Features

In the Confirm Selected Features prompt, click Confirm.
Click Confirm


Trust Unsigned Content

In the Trust Artifacts prompt, select Unsigned and click Trust.
Click Confirm


Restart Eclipse

When prompted, restart Eclipse to apply the update.
Click Confirm


Create Account

If you do not have a Codeium account yet, you will be redirected to create an account.

Why do we require an account? In order to remove abuse of the product and make sure that we know you are an early user, we ask to authorize Codeium extensions with an account before use. We do not use, share, or sell any identifying information for any purpose.


Sign In

If you are not signed in, please sign in with your account details. Once you successfully sign in, navigate back to your IDE.
Click Confirm


All Done!

You're all set to use Codeium!

Using Codeium



While Codeium supports many languages, we will demonstrate with examples in Java. In Eclipse, create a new Java file


From Code

Codeium can suggest multiple lines of code given a fragment of code that you write! Give the following simple header a shot:
package test;

public class Fib {

	public int fib(int n) {

Codeium should generate and suggest an entire function body, giving you a working implementation for the Nth Fibonacci number!


Accept Suggestion

If you like the suggestion, just press Tab to accept.