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Streamlining AI Code Chat with @ Mentions

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Mehul Raheja
@ Mentions

This is a Prototype feature. A Prototype feature is something we are still actively iterating and gathering feedback on, without guarantees on what the end state looks like. Read more on our philosophy of Prototype features here.

Here at Codeium, our goal is to holistically level up your coding through AI, and a large part of that is providing an effective user experience to do so. While Codeium Chat has already gone a long way in enhancing the in-IDE experience, we found that people often found themselves copying and pasting code snippets, documentation, or command outputs for it to be more effective. Thats why, over the past few months, we’ve rolled out an easier and better way to integrate chat with your workflows: @ mentions.

Chat with your Code

While Codeium Chat already uses general context from your codebase, programmers often have questions regarding specific snippets of code. Whether you want to know the runtime of a function, want AI to look it over for styling and bugs, or want to figure out how to inherit one class from another, @ mentions now allow you to easily chat about snippets from recently opened files.

Here’s us comparing two functions, understanding their subtle differences without having to read through their implementations:

Parsing code to find these snippets is currently supported in a selected few popular languages. Our parsing software is open source and we welcome any contributions to support other languages.

Chat with Popular Libraries

Referring to your own code snippets is already very useful, but large codebases rely on a variety of libraries which oftentimes have long and confusing documentation. Using @ mentions, you can tell Codeium to auto-grab relevant context directly from the code of a selection of various popular open-source libraries, giving you more accurate up-to-date information.

Here’s an example of mentioning Material UI to write a React component for our repository:

This can be tried out in our in-browser chat and you can submit requests for more repositories to be indexed here on this form

Chat with Terminal

And finally, Codeium now also integrates directly with your in-IDE terminal in VS Code, allowing you to parse through large logs, understand complex outputs, and debug failed tests.

Here’s an instance of Codeium parsing through a git log to understand past commits:

And here’s Codeium helping us fix a common issue in changing the origin of a repo:

There’s a lot more we plan to do in terms of terminal integration, but starting with the @ mention for terminal allows developers to close the loop on the AI-assisted development by making it seamless to interact with the commands they run.

Looking forward

While @ mentions have proven themselves to be a significant productivity boost, we still have a lot planned for how to better integrate Codeium into your development cycle. Stay tuned as we continue to release features to improve the Chat experience and please reach out with any feedback.

Try out @ mentions today:

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