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Codeium Beta Launch

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Codeium Team

Do you actually like to code?

Hear us out. We don’t doubt that you like to think about what to code. But what about the actual process of coding itself?

You know, the regurgitating of boilerplate. Or poring through Google or StackOverflow to find something that actually helps. Parsing compiler failures? Refactoring common logic? Matching implicit style conventions? Trying to make small changes in an unfamiliar language? We’re developers as well, so we know that those parts are a lot less fun.

Code has accelerated many industries, yet we believe there is a lot left in accelerating the process of coding itself. Code editors and Intellisense were real steps forwards in improving the coding experience, and recently, tools like GitHub Copilot have given us a glimpse of what is possible when we fuse in machine learning and artificial intelligence. We think the next big step forward in how developers code is right around the corner.

But we also think that this next big step will only come with two key things. First, if recent advances in ML modeling are paired with state-of-the-art ML infrastructure to create seamless and scalable products. Second, if widespread developer testing and feedback are put at the forefront. This means:

  • Don’t guess what developers actually want
  • Engage developers early and constantly deliver on their suggestions
  • Offer tools for free so that any developer can test and give feedback

We are seeing companies like Stability AI and Midjourney revolutionize the generative art space by prioritizing these two factors. This thesis of models-with-infra and dev-feedback-first is why today we are launching both (a) a free code generation tool deployed on ML infrastructure that we have built for some of today’s most complex large scale ML workloads and (b) a Discord community for anyone to share their experiences and provide feedback.

We don’t want to replace developers (like ourselves!), but the thought of removing all of those frustrating and mind-numbing parts of the coding process to make our jobs more fun and rewarding? That sounds pretty great.

Introducing Codeium, your modern coding superpower.