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What is Codeium?
Codeium is the modern coding superpower, a code acceleration toolkit built on cutting edge AI technology. Currently, Codeium has two main capabilities: Autocomplete, which suggests the code you want to type, saving you time on everything from boilerplate to unit tests, and Search, which helps you search through your repository using natural language questions. With easy integration into editors, we want you to focus on being the best software developer, not the best code monkey.
What programming languages do you support?
Codeium's performance is good (and enabled by default) for the following languages (alphabetical order): APL, Assembly, Astro, Blade, C, C++, C#, Clojure, CMake, COBOL, CoffeeScript, Crystal, CSS, CUDA, Dart, Delphi, Dockerfile, Elixir, Erlang, F#, Fortran, GDScript, Go, Gradle, Groovy, Hack, Haskell, HCL, HTML, Java, JavaScript, Julia, JSON, Kotlin, LISP, Less, Lua, Makefile, MATLAB, MUMPS, Nim, Objective-C, OCaml, pbtxt, PHP, Protobuf, Python, Perl, Powershell, Prolog, R, Ruby, Rust, SAS, Sass, Scala, SCSS, shell, Solidity, SQL, Starlark, Swift, Svelte, Typescript, TeX, TSX, VBA, Vimscript, Vue, YAML, Zig. On any other languages, you can explicitly enable Codeium.
Will this always be free?
For individual developers, yes. Our philosophy is that every developer should have access to these tools to keep the playing field level. That being said, if you are curious how we plan to eventually monetize, check out the relevant question in the General section.

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