Codeium for Enterprise
Codeium for Enterprise

Code Faster, Code Safer: Your Firm's Ultimate AI Dev Tool

Meet the best AI-powered code acceleration toolkit for your firm.
Unbeatable security
Don't compromise your IP.
Our self-hosted deployment lets you run Codeium in a fully air gapped manner, with no code or data leaving your on-prem servers or virtual private cloud, even to us. If you prefer SaaS, you still get industry-leading security guarantees, including zero data retention and SOC2 compliance.
Models tuned to your code.
You are the industry experts in what you do, and have more relevant, higher quality code in your private repository than can be found publicly. We will provide you the capabilities to personalize the models, all done locally. Your code and personalized model never leave your tenant.
Personalized to your code
Supports everyone
Made for all your developers.
Works on over 70 languages and is integrated where any of your developers need it - all popular standalone IDEs, Jupyter and Colab notebooks, and more!

Plans & Pricing

Meeting your dev needs with our comprehensive plans and pricing

Codeium works with the world's leading enterprises:

How does Self-Hosting work?

This is how we deliver your engineers superpowers, in a completely air-gapped way

Codeium in Action

Explore how Codeium can take your firm to the next level.


higher acceptance of auto-complete suggestions after personalization

12-24 hours

saved every month per person by using Codeium


of developers feel more productive using Codeium, leading to enhanced performance
We take data security seriously
We never train our proprietary generative autocomplete model on user data, never sell your data, and ensure all data transmission is encrypted.
Unlike most other AI Coding Assistants, we're SOC2 Type 2 Compliant. Read more about it
SOC2 compliant

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