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Nick Jiang, Anshul Ramachandran

We wanted to create a little treat for our users as we close out January! We've revamped the user profile page and have added high level visualizations of your Codeium use:


An example profile page

We are starting with accepted completions per day and a breakdown across languages, but hope to add more soon so that you get deep feedback on how Codeium is helping you accelerate your coding. We are especially excited about the breakdown by language, something that you cannot get at a per-user, cross-codebase level from other code services (such as Github).

As a caveat, the language breakdown data is only for acceptances when code snippet telemetry has been enabled, so if you have disabled that setting, then you will see no data (or only data for the acceptances when code snippet telemetry was enabled). Click to enable that setting in the User Settings dropdown in profile page sidebar. That being said, everyone should be able to see their aggregate acceptance counts in the calendar view!

Check it out by clicking on the button below and share on the Discord! Happy coding!

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