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Thanks for getting Codeium and welcome to Codeium University–your one stop shop to learn everything Codeium!
Codeium is a toolkit designed to empower developers with best in class AI code completion, chat, search, and more. It’s used by hundreds of thousands of developers around the world and writes millions of lines of code every month.
Codeium is powered by LLMs trained by the Codeium team specifically for writing code. Our models have been trained on 70+ languages and have a deep understanding of your codebase to provide faster and better suggestions than any other AI code tool.
In this tutorial, we will interactively walk you through what Codeium can do as well as tips and tricks on how to use it to best suit your programming needs.
This tutorial currently only walks through a TypeScript example (don’t worry if you haven’t written TypeScript, Codeium writes most of the code) using the VS Code extension. Some features may not be available in other extensions.
Additionally, if you are on our Self-Hosted Enterprise Plan, functionality may differ, please refer to the Codeium University on your enterprise portal.
Here is a quick preview of some of the things we will walk through:
Codeium Acceleration

Accelerate your development with Codeium Autocomplete

Codeium Edit

Edit large chunks of code with Codeium Command

Codeium Codelenses

Generate doc strings with Codeium Chat

If the images above are not loading, you likely will not be able to download Codeium’s software. Please check your network settings to ensure you have access to our releases.