Codeium in Sublime Text

Install the Codeium extension in Sublime Text, and start seeing suggestions as you write comments and code.

Extension Installation


Install Codeium from Package Control

In the Command Palette, type Package Control: Install Package and hit Enter.
Then type Codeium and hit Enter.


Sign in to Codeium

In the Command Palette, type Codeium: Sign In and hit Enter.
This should open a new tab in your browser.


Provide Auth Token

Copy your authentication token and run Codeium: Provide Auth Token from the Command Palette. Paste your authentication token in the input box and hit Enter.


Restart Sublime

Finally, restart Sublime Text.

Using Codeium



While Codeium supports many languages, we will demonstrate with examples in Python. In Sublime Text, create a new Python file


From Code

Codeium can suggest multiple lines of code given a fragment of code that you write! Give the following simple header a shot:
def fib(n):
Codeium should generate and suggest an entire function body, giving you a working implementation for the Nth Fibonacci number!


Accept Suggestion

If you like the suggestion, just press Tab to accept.


From Comments

Codeium can also understand comments, allowing you to get code from just a description of the desired functionality! Let's try the earlier example, except instead just write a comment and def, the Python keyword for functions:
# Nth Fibonacci number
Codeium should generate not just the function body as before, but also the function header!