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How to Make AI UX Your Moat

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Codeium Team
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After our collaboration half a year ago to talk about how to think about building "Copilot for X", Shawn "swyx" Zhang and us were able to come back together to talk about the importantce of user experience (UX) in building differentiated AI applications.

The key insight is that there are three stages to using UX to make AI “intuitive.” They often follow each other and get progressively more technically advanced / more deep as a moat, but there are no hard boundaries:

  • Use UX to make AI more Present: The Product differentiator: your product is better than another’s product because it has AI
  • Use UX to make AI more Practical: The Experience differentiator: your product experience is better than another’s product experience because it is easier to use the AI
  • Use UX to make AI more Powerful: The Utility differentiator: your product is more useful than another product because it helps users gain more value from the AI

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