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Codeium Enterprise on Dell Hardware

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Codeium Team
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Dell and Codeium are working together to bring generative AI to on-premise software development teams.

Of course there is a lot of activity with generative AI applications in the cloud, but there are equally large sets of companies and industries that prefer to keep data and IP, especially code, on-premises. This is common across government, defense, finance, healthcare, and more. Dell is uniquely positioned to bring these companies the new stack of hardware and compute required for generative AI, namely GPU-compatible servers, while Codeium, besides being an industry leading AI coding assistance tool, is also the first generative AI application that can be run entirely on-prem in a fully air-gapped manner. We believe the combination of these two industry-leading competencies will bring a revolution to companies often neglected by the latest-and-greatest SaaS-only tools.

Read more on Dell’s blog, which also links to our joint technical solution brief, for more details: