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Codeium in Databricks Notebooks

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Codeium Team

Starting today, all developers can get free AI powered code completion in Databricks notebooks by using the Codeium Chrome extension.

The above video is displayed in realtime, with no fastforwarding, editing, or other special demo logic. As demonstrated, Codeium:

  • Generates both code and comments/docstrings
  • Provides both single and multi line completions, eliminating time spent on boilerplate
  • Has knowledge of common packages and APIs
  • Understands the context, syntax, and naming of existing code
  • Is lightning fast due to cutting edge ML serving infrastructure

This only works for the new, Monaco-editor based notebooks, which will be becoming the default for Databricks in the next month. Until then, you can opt in through your Databricks user settings.

Codeium is the only AI autocomplete product that works for Databricks notebooks. Try Codeium without any installation in our web Playground, or just click below to download the free Chrome extension and get set up in less than two minutes:

Codeium can also be used in multiple popular standalone IDEs as well as a lot of other web notebooks and websites. To see all options and installation instructions, visit our Download page.