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Changelist: November 2022

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Codeium Team

The first month of iterating on user feedback has been exciting! ICYMI, here’s a handful of the improvements the team has made to Codeium in November:

JetBrains support

Lovers of IntelliJ, PyCharm, and other JetBrains IDEs now have a Codeium extension - check out the installation guide to set everything up in just two minutes. We’ve done a lot of work in the backend to make sure JetBrains users get the same quality of Codeium as VSCode users today. More importantly, we've built a lot of infra so that users of all IDEs will get every future improvement to the service. All IDEs are first class here!

Code snippet telemetry opt out

We don’t want users to feel like they have to sacrifice security to gain these coding superpowers, so besides being super clear on our privacy and security policies, we also added the ability for users to opt out of code snippet telemetry. This means we won’t store any code post-inference. Even without opting out, you have our word that we only save small snippets, use them only in aggregate, and never share/sell/try to piece together these snippets. We will also never train a generative model over private data - we don't want to ever risk private data being exposed in any method.

Google SSO

We are always looking at ways to streamline the installation process, and honestly, who wants an extra account and password to remember? So while you can still register and log in with an email and Codeium-specific password, we also added Google SSO as an authentication option. If you already registered with an email and password but would rather use Google SSO to log in moving forwards, don’t worry - we will automatically link your accounts if you log in with Google SSO (provided it is the same email as you originally used).


AI codegen is in the early innings, so everyone (including us) is still learning all the ways this technology could help developers. To help share these findings broadly, we are posting examples on our website and social media. Follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter to stay in the loop of your superpower capabilities. And don’t worry, we will not spam your feeds!

We always want to hear from users like you on what we should prioritize! Join our Discord community and help guide the future of coding!

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