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Changelist: May 2023

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Codeium Team

May was another strong month for Codeium!

Month of Growth

May came with a huge growth in our user base, so welcome to everyone who has started using Codeium recently! We hit some fun milestones, such as 100k downloads on our VSCode extension alone, and welcomed many companies to our Enterprise plan. This also meant that a good chunk of our engineering efforts went to improving the robustness of the underlying infrastructure to handle this new scale and projected growth. So while there hasn’t been as many visual changes to the product, we hope you’ve been able to enjoy the same snappy, powerful experience that you’ve come to expect from Codeium!

Chat Diff View

One of the biggest visual changes was the introduction of Diff View! Now, for some chats, you will have the option to “Apply Diff” on the output code block, which will insert the code change directly into your IDE as a diff! And don’t worry, all of these chat functionalities will be coming to non-VSCode IDEs very soon, stay tuned.

Example of Chat Diff View!

Visual Studio, XCode Plugins

As it seems like with every month, we like to bring Codeium to more IDEs in our goal to bring free AI powered dev tooling to every developer. This month, we launched the beta of our much requested Visual Studio extension, while our community helped develop an XCode plugin.

Our growth has been almost entirely powered by word of mouth and people stumbling upon Codeium on extension marketplaces, so thank you for helping us out and leaving kind words. If you’ve been enjoying the product, we would appreciate it if you could rate and review Codeium on the various extension marketplaces so other developers can also access these AI powers: VSCode, JetBrains, Chrome, etc.

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