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Changelist: March 2023

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Codeium Team

Our most productive month yet! Here’s a bunch of things new to Codeium that you may have missed.

Codeium for Enterprises

We announced this last month, but a good chunk of this month was taking our Enterprise offering from a beta to a product that companies trust. If your company isn’t sure about allowing AI tools for security reasons, then Codeium for Enterprises is the solution they are looking for!

Fill-in-the-Middle (FIM)

Most LLMs work by looking at the context before the cursor, but we knew for code that being able to use context after the cursor is equally important. This is called Fill-in-the-Middle (or FIM for short), and we put a lot of work into training such a model and substituting it into our backend. You may have noticed significantly better suggestions since its quiet launch!

Codeium Search also got a lot of love since last month’s launch. Some of the improvements include integrating exact search so you get both exact and semantic search results simultaneously, building out a search history feature to see past queries, and underlying logic to index all files (previously we were indexing just a subset). We of course use Search internally and the “wow” moments are truly time-saving.


We realized there was an opportunity to share some of the core code syntax parsing logic that Autocomplete and Search rely on, and we decided to open source codeium-parse! Now everyone who wants to build applications that require parsing source code doesn’t have to start from scratch.

Improved Behavior

Here are some of the improvements made to the general service, suggested by the community in our Discord:

  • Reduced number of repetitive suggestions (rambling that repeats the same thing over and over)
  • Better C++ generations
  • Better merging of multi line suggestions with existing context
  • More websites supported by Chrome extension, including Databricks notebooks, Paperspace, and Codewars

New Website

If you haven’t visited recently, you may have missed a big redesign to our front page and overall website! Check it out :)

This month, we are the most excited to expand the scope of Codeium from an individual tool to one that also helps entire teams and companies. Of course we remain committed to providing the best individual experience, but we would love for you to tell your companies about Codeium and our Enterprise offering. This is how we will be able to keep providing a stellar Individual offering for free. We want to chat with every company about how they can accelerate development with AI tooling.