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Changelist: June 2023

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And that wraps up the first half of the year! To put this time in perspective, at the beginning of the year, Codeium was just a relatively barebones autocomplete product available only on VSCode and JetBrains for about 15 programming languages. Since then, we have added Search and Chat, expanded to 40+ IDEs and 70+ languages, added bleeding-edge model improvements like fill-in-the-middle, and more. But more importantly to us, our community grew by over 100x, to hundreds of thousands of developers! Thank you for being part of the journey and we have even bigger things in store for the second half of 2023.

Just as a brief roundup of the last month’s highlights:

Chat Diff View Improvements

Thanks to your feedback, we have added much more functionality to the diff view shown for code blocks in the Chat UI, such as the ability to toggle the diff view off and support for common commands like “Refactor.” If you haven’t used Chat recently, we suggest you give it a shot to see how silky smooth the experience is to integrate responses back into your code editor panes!

Codebase Aware Chat

Speaking of Chat, we have massively increased its power by implementing what we call the “Context Module,” which lets both ​​Chat and Autocomplete understand your entire codebase while producing output. It works in the background to parse your codebase and learn what you’re trying to accomplish, thereby being able to provide better context at inference time to help the model generate more intelligent completions and responses. Stay tuned for more blog posts and technical details about this powerful new backend system!

Profile Page Improvements

One of our goals with Codeium is to keep giving you more and more insights on your usage. Now, you can see your completions over the last week, streaks, and badges for your most popular languages:

Profile Page Analytics Improvements

A Thank You

In this year’s StackOverflow Developer Survey, there was a section on AI code assistants, and Codeium and Copilot were neck-to-neck when it came to being the “most admired” tool, far above any other tool. It is from your feedback that we’ve been able to build a product that developers truly enjoy using, and we are looking forward to seeing how far ahead we can get on next year’s survey!

Onwards and upwards to the second half of the year! Let your friends and colleagues know about Codeium so that they also don’t miss out on the (very exciting) features and capabilities coming out this half.

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