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Changelist: July 2023

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Codeium Team

In July, we focused on taking our capabilities and increasing their utility for both new and existing users.

Visual Studio, Sublime, and Eclipse support

These were the IDEs that we have received the most requests for over the last few months, so it was only right for us to make sure that we don’t leave any developers behind in this generative AI revolution. We are always looking to meet developers where they are, and are looking forward to feedback on your experiences with Codeium on these IDEs as well. Download in these IDEs today!

Advanced Context Awareness

This is a technical accomplishment that we announced in last month’s changelist but were able to remove any rough edges this month. We ended up talking about the details in a series of blog posts (1, 2, 3). The tl;dr? You should be getting Autocomplete and Chat results that are much more personalized to your existing codebase, whether it be utilizing existing code in new generations or answering questions without hallucinating about what exists.

Coming Soon: Bigger Models, JetBrains Chat, and more

Yes, these long-term projects are finally launching in August. We have been testing an autocomplete model that is larger and more capable than our existing model, which simply means better generations for everyone! Even cooler, we have built a lot of inferencing infrastructure to serve this model with the same latency as the existing one, so you won’t see any degradation in performance. And JetBrains Chat? Stay tuned this week for the announcement - definitely took longer than expected (or hoped) but we are happy about the generalizability of our approach. This way we will be able to give Chat to all of the other IDEs that we support in quick succession.

We thank you for your continued support, it always puts a smile on our faces when we get a good review on an extension marketplace or see someone share a magical moment on social media. These simply motivate us to keep pushing to bring even more powerful generative AI tooling to every developer, for free.