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Changelist: January 2024

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Let us start with some statistics of where Codeium was at the beginning of 2024. We had a little over 300k active developers on the individual tier, hundreds of paying enterprise customers, and near perfect ratings on all of the major extension marketplaces. When put in context with the start of 2023 (less than 1k active developers, no enterprise product), we think we had a pretty good year. Our goal in 2024 is to do this all again, and if January was any indication, we have a pretty good chance of repeating.

Series B

Starting with the obvious, we announced our $65m Series B round at the end of the month. While we were not in need of cash and we don’t believe the raising money is a replacement for delivering real value to developers, we do believe that this is significant for a couple of reasons.

For one, it will allow us to accelerate development of our differentiated technical capabilities - we’ve historically been leading in the productionization of new features, such as context aware in-IDE chat, and this will let us to keep widening that gap. And second, it is a strong vote of confidence from some preeminent VC firms (who keep very close tabs on all progress in this space) that we are a leader in this new, fast-moving industry. Besides being one of the most-used products, we are now also one of the best funded companies in the gen-AI-for-software-development space. We are still laser focused on value driven.


We chose to couple our Series B announcement with official statements on our work with leaders in the space that are complementary to our product, whether in on-premise infrastructure (Dell), source code management and knowledge stores (Atlassian), and large developer communities that have their own DSLs/rich APIs (MongoDB). These have been in progress for a while, but we are at a place where there is strong alignment in the vision of how generative AI for software engineering fits into the larger ecosystem of developer tools and deployment.

Multi repository context awareness for self-hosted

Back to the technical side, we launched remote indexing and multi-repository context awareness for self-hosted customers. This will allow developers to reference code in non-active private repositories as part of their Chat experience, as well as allow the Codeium context awareness engine to retrieve context automatically from other, potentially highly relevant, repositories at inference time. We are working on bringing this to SaaS.

Here is an example of using this functionality to @ mention a function from a different private repository as part of a Chat message:

Miscellaneous product improvements

We now have theme support on JetBrains, so hopefully more visually consistent for all of our JetBrains users:

On the Teams and Enterprise SaaS side of things, we increased the context limit for chat by a factor of 4, which should help a lot with more complex tasks that require more context to reason effectively on. Also, we ported the Percentage Code Written metric to our SaaS customers, when it was previously only available for self-hosted ones. If you are an admin, you can check it out on your analytics dashboard.


In case you missed it, a bunch of content came out from Codeium to start the year:

Not written in this list was a lot of time spent internally on determining the direction we want to take Codeium in this year. We are very excited about some of the capabilities we are committing to research and develop - the short tl;dr is expect for us to bring the same trusted, high-quality AI acceleration outside the IDE, which we already teased a bit with the Prototype launches of Codeium Live and Termium at the end of 2023. If there was ever a time to tell your friends and colleagues about Codeium, now might just be it.

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