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Changelist: January 2023

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The start of 2023 was highlighted by bringing Codeium to more IDEs, enabling millions more developers to onboard, but there were a bunch of improvements across the board:

Codeium Chrome Extension

We launched a Google Chrome extension which enables Codeium on many popular web notebooks platforms, such as Jupyter, Colab, and Deepnote (with more coming soon!). The Chrome extension also enabled Codeium on popular websites such as JSFiddle and Stackblitz - we want everyone to be able to have Codeium wherever they are coding.

Codeium on Vim & Neovim

We open sourced a Vim / Neovim Codeium plugin, which had a really positive reaction from the developer community. Again, bringing this technology to more developers for free. We're also excited by the amount of contributions and engagement this plugin has received.

Improved Behavior

Like every month, we take feedback from our users on Discord to better align Codeium's behavior to expectations. This month, this included:

  • Reduced repetitive completions
  • New models for better performance on less common languages
  • Jetbrains support for viewing alternate suggestions

User Analytics

We know engineers and programmers like using data to make decisions and inform behavior. That is why we revamped the Codeium profile page to show analytics on your Codeium usage. Ever wondered how much you code in each language? Wonder no more!


An example profile page

Head to Head Analysis

We believe we have, over the last few months, improved Codeium to the point that it has a legitimate claim to being the best in-IDE AI-powered code assistance tool. To prove this to ourselves (and anyone else who is interested), we pitted Codeium against some of the other leaders and compiled a comprehensive analysis.

We've grown a lot over the last month but have a lot more to go! As you know, we are a free service, and we invest all of the money we have into improving the technology, rather than into ads or other paid marketing. Because of this, we rely heavily on word of mouth to grow the community. We would greatly appreciate it if you could take a couple minutes to share your Codeium experience with your developer friends, slacks, discords, or other communities. We're also open to feedback on how we could engage more developers in different communities.

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