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Changelist: February 2023

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Codeium Team

How do we top a month where we reached industry leading quality and latency for AI-powered autocomplete? We built a brand new capability - searching entire repositories with natural language. Now Codeium is in a class of its own, no longer just a code completion tool. And we're just getting started.

Software developers do a lot more than just type code, and so while our Codeium Autocomplete solution does wonders to speed up the process of typing code, we know there's a lot more we can do to help. Codeium Search allows you to ask natural language questions to your codebase like "Where do we do X?" or "How does Y use Z?" without relying on knowing exactly what variables/files are called or dealing with complex Regex patterns. And since it is integrated with the IDE, the experience could not be more seamless.


An example search, on the Codeium codebase itself!

Looking Forward: While today Codeium Search is available only on VSCode and for Python, JS, TS, and Go files, we will continue to expand these sets. Part of this expansion will be publicly releasing the underlying Search API that abstracts out the indexing, storage, and low-level querying of embeddings. This will allow others to build not only Codeium Search integrations to our other IDEs, but also novel applications that interface with repo-wide embedding stores.

Codeium on Emacs

Just because we launched Codeium Search doesn't mean that big things did not happen elsewhere. We open sourced an Emacs Codeium plugin, continuing our campaign to bring this technology to more developers for free.

Improved Behavior

More feedback from our users on Discord means more improvements to the service. This month, some of the highlights included:

  • Started using other files as context to autocomplete generations
  • Significantly improved performance on Windows across all IDEs
  • Fixed an issue that caused users of Avast antivirus to be unable to use Codeium
  • Fixed a bug involving files with CRLF line endings

Codeium for Enterprises

While Codeium is already the best offering for individual developers, even more AI-powered functionality can happen at a team level on larger, well-maintained repositories. In addition, teams have higher requirements on data handling and security. We are now launching Codeium for Enterprises out of beta. It is a fully self-hosted offering, with additional features like local finetuning on your private repositories. If your company has raised concerns about Codeium, this likely is the perfect solution for you and the company. Reach out if this is relevant to you!

We have always wanted the development of Codeium to be done in collaboration with our users. We would love for you to try Codeium Search and let us know what you like, what you don't like, and any other thoughts. Since you've been an early Codeium user, you don't need to sign up for the waitlist! All of the instructions and discussion channels are in our Discord - we can't wait to hear from you there!