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Changelist: December 2022

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Codeium Team

We closed 2022 on a high note! Here’s some of the holiday time features and support from the Codeium team.

Web IDEs

Fans of Gitpod and VSCode IDEs on the web now have access to state-of-the-art, free AI autocomplete. We worked to make the extension download and authentication flow for these IDEs to be the same sub 2-minute silky smooth flow that our existing users have had on local IDEs.

Support Jupyter notebooks in VSCode

We want to make sure you can get these coding superpowers wherever and however. That is why supporting notebook-based development is a big focus for us - this was a small first step, but expect to hear more exciting work on notebook support in the very near future.

Reduced extension size by 10x

We will always try to reduce the overhead in using Codeium, however that overhead may manifest.

Many squashed bugs and usability improvements

Thanks to the feedback from users in our Discord Community, we’ve addressed a bunch of issues and confusion:

  • In Jetbrains, we made sure native suggestions took precedence over Codeium suggestions
  • We started supporting files with carriage returns (CRLF)
  • We fixed an issue involving UTF-8 encoding
  • Improved support for using Codeium behind a proxy
  • Expanded CPU compatibility by no longer requiring AVX2

Lots of backend work

It might not be pretty user-facing work, but we spent good portions of December building the necessary infrastructure to improve our prompt building, enable generic cross OS/IDE support, track system metrics, and more. We hope that this work on building a fundamentally sound system will accelerate our development to accelerate your development in 2023!

Happy new year! We’re excited for where Codeium can go in 2023.