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Changelist: April 2023

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Codeium Team

March was our most productive month ever, until April came along! Here’s a bunch of things that we added to Codeium in last month:

Codeium Chat

For our VSCode users, we rolled out Codeium Chat, for free! This allows users to ask questions, optimize code, write unit tests, and more. Users will no longer need to switch between different screens or windows - it is all cleanly and tightly integrated with the IDE. We loved seeing how excited you all have been about Chat, and have been actively iterating on feedback and bringing it to more IDEs. Speaking of...

Referrals for Codeium Chat on other IDEs

Codeium Chat in other IDEs has been the biggest request. Our next target will be JetBrains, but we will be rolling this out slowly to make sure we are delivering a bug-free experience. We’ll be prioritizing users based on our waitlist - to move up the waitlist, simply send a referral out and if they join Codeium you will be bumped up the list. You can access our referral page, where you can send directly from the page or copy a shareable link.

codeium-chrome Open Sourced

We have had thousands of developers use our Codeium Chrome Extension, which allows you to autocomplete code in web editors as well! Codeium is the only AI autocomplete tool to work in web IDEs, and to accelerate enabling it on more websites, we open sourced our implementation. Try our Chrome extension today!

Codeium’s blog post hits number 1 on HackerNews

Our blog post, GitHub Copilot emits GPL, Codeium does not, hit number 1 on HackerNews. This really highlighted our commitment to protecting our users while making the best possible product. We especially hope that enterprises consider this risk to decide that Codeium for Enterprises is the right solution for their company-wide needs.

Inline FIM

Our Fill in the Middle (FIM) used to autocomplete only in between code blocks. Now, it also works in between code on the same line! It was a bit of a modeling challenge, but now you should expect better quality on same-line completions.

More languages!

We trained and released new models - specifically our newest autocomplete model has support for 30 more languages, bringing Codeium to over 70 supported languages. Check out the list in our FAQs!

Of course Chat was the biggest headline for the month, and if you want to be one of the first to get it on non-VSCode IDEs, make sure to refer your friends and colleagues. We want to chat with every company about how they can accelerate development with AI tooling.