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The most advanced code context collection and prompt building system, leading to higher quality, fewer hallucinations, and more trust.
1import argparse2import db_client3import utils4import email_utils56parser = argparse.ArgumentParser()7parser.add_argument('--user_id', help='The user ID')89def main():10  # Parse the command line arguments11  args = parser.parse_args()1213  user = db_client.get_user(args.user_id)14  if not user:15    print("User not found")16    return1718  print(f"User {} has {user.streak} days in a row")1920  email_id = utils.generate_email_uid(  # Send an email to the user23  email_subject = "Welcome to Codeium"24  email_body = "Thank you for choosing Codeium as your preferred AI development tool!"25  email_status = email_utils.send_email(, email_subject, email_body)2627  if email_status == 200:28    print("Email sent successfully")29  else:30    print("Failed to send email")313233if __name__ == "__main__":34  main()
Codeium's Context Engine generates better suggestions than any other AI dev tool

Opened files context

All your neighboring files are taken into account when providing autocomplete and chat suggestions

Opened files context

Repo wide context

Your entire repository is taken into account when providing autocomplete and chat suggestions

Repo wide context
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A new way to search through your repo

Codeium Search allows you to ask natural language questions to your codebase like "Where do we do X?" or "How does Y use Z?" without relying on knowing exactly what variables/files are called or dealing with complex Regex patterns.

See what context Chat picked up

You can see exactly what part of your code our Chat AI used as context to generate the response to your query. This allows you to tailor your queries to receive more accurate and relevant results.


Context pinning

Use context pinning to persist known relevant information to Codeium's context awareness engine.

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