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Codeium Chat in JetBrains!

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Codeium Team

tl;dr All you need to do is update your favorite JetBrains IDE (IntelliJ, PyCharm, Webstorm, GoLand, PhpStorm, CLion, Android Studio, and more) and you will have access to an unlimited ChatGPT-like experience, except in-IDE and with full codebase awareness.

Talk with your IDE

When we became the first to truly productionize a tightly integrated in-IDE Chat experience in April in Visual Studio Code, we received an immediate positive response. Developers used Chat to explain code, generate docstrings and unit tests, translate between languages, and more. They also started doing things that we didn’t even initially expect, such as asking the Chat panel to complete TODOs or to optimize existing code. We were invited to talk about our UX development in external newsletters, and fast forward a few months, we have tens of thousands of developers sending hundreds of thousands of chat messages a day. As external validation, all other code assistants, from Sourcegraph Cody to Tabnine, have copied the same experience.

Bringing Chat to JetBrains

This was all on Visual Studio Code. We spent a couple of months iterating on the user experience, introducing everything from diff view to insertions back into the IDE. After we were confident in the UX, we started to work on bringing chat to the 40+ other IDEs that Codeium has integrations with. However, unlike autocomplete, we quickly realized that not all IDEs have visual real estate built in for a chat panel, which Visual Studio Code nicely provided. So, we spent a good amount of time developing a browser-based system that could be much more easily integrated into all of our IDEs. Once this was in place, we brought it to our second most popular IDE (or more correctly, suite of IDEs) - JetBrains:

What You Get With Codeium Chat in JetBrains

Check out our chat page for a preview of the different things that you can do with Chat, now available in JetBrains (min Codeium plugin version of 1.2.71). Chat helps developers when they are exploring tasks that are chunkier or more vague, which nicely complements Autocomplete, which helps to accelerate typing out code that the developer knows they want.

If you are a developer who actively uses JetBrains, we recommend getting (or upgrading) the plugin today: