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CodeSandbox x Codeium

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CodeSandbox and Codeium.

tl;dr Codeium is now enabled for free on all Devboxes on CodeSandbox.

CodeSandbox x Codeium

We recently took another large step towards democratizing AI tools for all developers by partnering with our friends at CodeSandbox, the leading cloud development experience, where environments can be spun up near instantaneously in the cloud. As part of our ethos, we have helped make it free for anyone using CodeSandbox’s Devboxes to get AI-powered code completion. Developers shouldn’t be forced to make tradeoffs between the environments that they prefer and the ability to get the productivity wins from AI tools.

As Ives van Hoorne, Cofounder of CodeSandbox puts it:

AI code completion has become a vital tool for many developers. It's not just a huge productivity boost, it can also be a great teacher for new patterns or APIs. I'm very happy to share that Codeium is now integrated into CodeSandbox, so that everyone on CodeSandbox can experience it.

Enabling Codeium on CodeSandbox

It’s very simple. Spin up a Devbox, go to Settings > User Preferences, toggle on AI autocomplete, and start typing away:

You can also manage this setting at the workspace level as well, by going to Workplace Settings > Permissions:

Looking Forward

Browser-based editors have always been important for us at Codeium to support via our Chrome extension, but by working directly with the CodeSandbox team to build a first-class integration, we are able to jointly provide an even better experience for developers. Now, CodeSandbox users don’t need to worry about installing another extension, and even get higher quality than a standalone extension since the context already in your Devbox will be used to create more personalized suggestions. This follows similar integrations with companies such as Deepnote.

We are excited to start this long-term partnership with CodeSandbox to continue to democratize modern software engineering. If you want to hear more, check out our live announcement stream (Codeium announcement starts at 12:45):

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