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Codeium in Emacs

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Codeium Team

Starting today, all developers can get free AI powered code completion in Emacs by using Codeium.

The above video is displayed in realtime, with no fastforwarding, editing, or other special demo logic. This is a free alternative to Github Copilot and other AI powered code completion products.

We have made the Codeium.el repo open source, and want to thank Alan Chen for building almost the entirety of this plugin. Moving forwards, we welcome contributions from the public as this technology continues to progress.

Try Codeium without any installation in our web Playground, or just click below to download the free extension and get set up in less than two minutes:

Codeium can also be used in other popular standalone and web IDEs such as VSCode, JetBrains, Vim / Neovim, Jupyter notebooks, and Colab. To see all options and installation instructions, visit our Download page.