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Codeium Chrome Extension

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Codeium Team

We've launched Codeium in a bunch of popular standalone IDEs, from VSCode to JetBrains to Vim/Neovim. But we developers spend a lot of time in browser, from notebooks to websites, and currently no AI-powered code completion tool works in the browser. Well, that is, until now.

Introducing the Codeium Google Chrome extension. Free AI-powered code autocomplete in your browser:

As demonstrated, with a single Chrome extension, Codeium also works in:

  • notebooks, such as Jupyter, Colab, Deepnote, and more
  • popular sandbox websites, such as StackBlitz, JSFiddle, and more
  • even more websites that have code editors, such as interview websites like

Codeium is the only AI autocomplete product that works in browser. Try Codeium without any installation in our web Playground, or just click below to download the free Chrome extension and get set up in less than two minutes:

Codeium can also be used in multiple popular standalone IDEs (as well as notebooks launched within IDEs). To see all options and installation instructions, visit our Download page.