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Clearwater Analytics on Codeium

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Clearwater Analytics

Clearwater Analytics is a publicly-traded SaaS fintech company that provides a web-based solution for automated investment accounting, performance, compliance, and risk reporting. With almost 2000 employees and reporting on over $6 trillion of assets, Clearwater Analytics has grown rapidly, winning a number of awards in innovation since its founding in 2004.

A few months ago, Clearwater Analytics, just like most companies with this generative AI wave, was simply looking around for tools that could make sense to bring into the team. Serving the insurance, asset management, corporate and public sectors, security was an important consideration, but the key decision drivers were productivity gains and ease of deployment. As CTO Souvik Das said at Clearwater’s Fall 2023 Investor Day:

I am super excited for the incredible value we can get from AI-assisted code generation. Our main goal is to turbocharge developer productivity and output.

Clearwater Analytics and Codeium

With a goal to increase developer productivity, Clearwater Analytics started exploring options in the space. It quickly became apparent in conversation that, out of all available tools, Codeium had the unique desired combination of security guarantees, ease of deployment, and analytics to measure productivity. Since code security is of upmost importance to Clearwater Analytics, they were not impressed with SaaS-only tools that would require at least snippets of code to leave their control. As Darrel Cherry, distinguished engineer at Clearwater states,

One of the main strengths we saw in Codeium was the ability to install and run it within our own Enterprise Virtual Private Cloud. This means everything would stay private and secure under our control, which is critically important for Clearwater.

Results and Looking Forward

After deploying Codeium within Clearwater’s Virtual Private Cloud, the positive feedback from developers was almost immediate. As Kelly Honeycutt, Software Development Division Manager at Clearwater reflects,

The feedback I hear over and over from engineers across our development teams is that they are ‘blown away’ at how Codeium completes their code, saving them time and cycles.

The Clearwater Analytics team was also impressed with the level of support and training provided by the Codeium team. Honeycutt notes that:

The Codeium team opened up a shared channel for deployment support, ran training sessions for our developers to get the most value out of AI, and have been very receptive to feedback, taking action rapidly to improve the performance. New features, such as integrating chat with IntelliJ and VS Code, have been rolled out very quickly. This is what we hoped for in such a new space that is moving so rapidly.

Looking ahead, Codeium will keep developing, testing, and shipping more and better functionalities to Clearwater Analytics and our other enterprise customers.

Codeium is proud to be supporting Clearwater Analytics, as well as a number of others in the software sector. IP and trade secrets are critical in this industry, and we do not believe that companies have to send this information into the public cloud, no matter the security guarantees, just to adopt this technology. If your company has similar thoughts, please reach out:

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