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Atlassian x Codeium

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Atlassian and Codeium.

A fundamental part of our thesis at Codeium is that to deliver the best quality code assistant to a company, we need to leverage the knowledge already present at that company. For a very large group of enterprises, that knowledge lives in Atlassian. Bitbucket repositories, Confluence documentation, Jira tickets - all of these are part of the Atlassian offering to manage and share a team’s knowledge, and are all sources (and surfaces) that Codeium needs to integrate with to deliver max value to such companies.

We are excited to announce we have been working with Atlassian to make sure that companies can adopt a secure, customized AI assistant for their development teams. Today, Codeium directly integrates with Bitbucket so that companies do not need to migrate their source code management to get optimal, personalized wins from generative AI tooling. Codeium can be found on the Atlassian marketplace. In the future, Codeium plans to create even tighter integrations with Atlassian tools, whether it be to improve the web PR review process or to ingest other Atlassian-based knowledge sources such as Confluence or Jira.

Today, Codeium supports the vast array of use cases, languages, and IDEs that Atlassian customers utilize. Several Bitbucket customers such as Clearwater Analytics have adopted Codeium to accelerate their developer productivity. Now, with confidence, both teams look forward to delivering the best developer experience to their customers.

Read an article on Atlassian’s website on how the tools work together in practice here.

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