Codeium Search

Repo-level natural language based search
Synthesis and summarization
AI-powered, In-IDE, Free

Usage Instructions

Currently, Codeium Search only works on VSCode and operates on Python, JS, TS, and Go files (we will expand shortly!). To get started with Codeium Search:

  • Open a VSCode window with the workspace you want to search over
  • Update your VSCode Codeium extension so that you are on at least 1.1.46
  • Go to VSCode Settings (Code -> Preferences -> Settings), and search for the option "Codeium: Enable Search"
  • Select that option, and refresh your VSCode window (Cmd-Shift-P -> "Developer: Reload Window")
  • You should now see: (a) Two notifications in the bottom right. The first should say "Downloading Codeium search model..." and should finish rapidly, and a second with a progress bar saying "Codeium Search: Indexing workspace: [path to your workspace]", (b) The Codeium icon in the activity bar
  • Click the activity bar icon, and you are ready to search! Ask away! While your workspace is indexing, Codeium Search will only have context of the files that have been indexed
  • (Optional): Keep Codeium Search always open even while switching to File Explorer or other sidebars by enabling View -> Appearance -> Secondary Sidebar (will open another panel to the right of your editor windows), and dragging the Codeium Search sidebar into this space

As a warning, indexing may take a lot of time for large codebases, and your system may have some slowdowns during the one-time indexing process.